Future celebrated Mother’s Day by paying tribute to his baby mamas including Ciara.

Despite their highly-publicized custody battle, Hendrix penned a heartfelt note to his famous ex for raising their three-year-old son Future.

“I appreciate u more than u know,” he wrote on Instagram. “our son is an incredible kid. We made a king,Happy Mothers Day C!”

But Future’s Mother’s Day props didn’t end there. He also showed love to his ex India J. “I watch u put me & the kids happiness over yours numerous times,u make sacrifices that will never go unnoticed,” he wrote. “your soul is made of gold I’m sure of it,Everyday is Mothers Day for You. Literally,U deserve everything. I’m truly blessed to have u in my life,thanks for being a great mother…I love you.”

Hendrix also honored his ex Brittni Mealy for her parenting skills. “I will give u the world today If u asked for it,” he wrote. “Your love is rare,continue to love the way u love because it’s needed…I know my son have someone to go too war for him like I would. I cherish u for that,Happy Mothers Day! I love you.”

Future also has a child with a woman named Jessica Smith. However, she was not mentioned on Instagram on Sunday. Their relationship has also been strained with child support battles.

While Hendrix avoided mentioning Smith, he did celebrate his own mom on Sunday. “Happy Mother’s Day to my Boss,” he wrote. “Thank God for blessing me with a mom like u. Hustler,business minded,strong queen..the world need more mothers like u,keep inspiring! My angel on earth.”

Currently, Future is on the “Nobody Safe Tour” with Migos, Tory Lanez, and A$AP Ferg. The run started last week and ends June 30 in Las Vegas.

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